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Five Home Health Software Agencies Ranked Highest in Customer Service

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What's one factor in home health software that helps one agency stand out above the rest?  Customer service.  Currently, there are more than one thousand home health software agencies on the market and in competition with one another; therefore, oftentimes an agency is willing to 'go above and beyond' to meet an agency's needs.

What makes excellent customer service?  An excellent customer service department should provide the following to its consumers; easy to reach – live agents, properly trained and knowledgeable representatives and a willingness to promptly solve any and all matters. Home health care there is a busy industry; there’s little to no time available for holding on the phone and/or waiting on a callback.  Home health software users will want to ensure that their chosen agency provides quick, yet productive, response times. 

With these factors in mind, and in order to decrease any hassles, offered below are the five home health software agencies ranked highest in customer service – including a brief description of each agency and a highlighting of their individual customer service strengths (data provided by Software Advice http://www.softwareadvice.com/home-health):


1. Axxess - AgencyCore

Rankest highest in customer service, the home health software offered by Axxess, AgencyCore, was introduced in 2011 and a convenient, easy-to-use mobile app launched in 2014. The Axxess mobile app is the only home health software app available on both Android and iOS devices.  Axxess is also the only home health software provider accredited by the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association). In fact, many members of the Axxess customer support team are former home health care providers and registered nurses, making them knowledgeable and understanding of the home health industry. 

Axxess makes customer service their number one priority.  The customer service department within Axxess’ AgencyCore has a five-star ranking and consumers have offered the following feedback pertaining to their experiences; ‘eager to solve any issues’, ‘properly trained and knowledgeable representatives’, ‘friendly and enthusiastic conversation’ and ‘one-on-one, personalized consolations’.


2. Alora Healthcare Systems - Alora Home Health Software

Ranking second highest in customer service, Alora Healthcare Systems was introduced in 2005. With more than a dozen years in the industry, Alora Healthcare Systems is a well-trusted solution for home health software. More recently, Alora Healthcare Systems now allows access to their software via iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows based computers.

The customer service department at Alora Healthcare Systems operates under the following motto: “Our customers are our number one priority.” Feedback offered by consumers pertaining to Alora Healthcare Systems’ customer service relations includes; ‘quick response time’, ‘willing to educate the user’, ‘friendly and knowledgeable representatives’ and ‘dedicated to going the “extra-mile.”’


3. AxisCare Homecare Management - AxisCare Total Homecare Management Software

The third highest ranking home health software agency in customer service, AxisCare Homecare Management is a part of the Health Axis Group.  Their web-based solution, AxisCare Total Homecare Management Software, is fully functional on smart phones/tablets and provides a full platform availability everywhere – however, no mobile version or apps.

Offering instant chatting capabilities via their website, AxisCare Homecare Management is dedicated to quick customer service response times. Feedback offered by consumers pertaining to AxisCare Homecare Management’s customer service department include; ‘friendly and more than willing to assist representatives’, ‘desire to promptly resolve any issues’, ‘offering of detailed explanations that are easy to understand’ and ‘highly attentive team of professionals.’


4. ClearCare - ClearCare Online

The fourth ranking agency in home health software customer service is ClearCare. ClearCare is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has a combined total experience of more than 100 years amongst its 10 senior developers. These 10 senior developers are alums of Yahoo!, Ancestry.com, ZocDoc, and other leading companies.

With more than one-thousand active clients, ClearCare is dedicated to leading the market in customer service. Feedback provided by ClearCare’s clients and pertaining to their customer service department include; ‘caring and experienced representatives’, ‘quick response/resolution times’, ‘willingness to guide and understand’ and ‘highly professional in conversation.’


5. Healthcare First - First Home Care

Ranking fifth amongst home health software customer service departments, Healthcare First provides service for more than 1,300 clients.  Healthcare First is a member of both the National Association of Home Care & Hospice and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Also offering instant online chatting capabilities, Healthcare First’s customer service department is dedicated to quickly answering questions and addressing concerns. Feedback provided by Healthcare First’s clients pertaining to their customer service department include; ‘readily available and highly responsive’, ‘professional and knowledgeable representatives’, ‘accurate and punctual conversation’ and ‘willingness to go above and beyond.’


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