August 28, 2012

Home Health Care Software

What is Home health software?

Home health software solutions are designed to streamline and integrate various aspects of a home health agency’s operations. The growth and acceptance of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems has spurred the adoption of software solutions by all sizes of home health agencies. The added need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve compliance has pushed more organizations to adopt software systems. The typical home health software will integrate various aspects of the daily operations of home health agencies such as clinical documentation, scheduling, billing, accounting, human resources and reporting.

The home health industry has benefitted from advances in technology and most especially internet technology. Early home health software systems had to be installed and administered onsite by the home health agency. The home health agencies were saddled with ongoing maintenance and update costs that few were adequately prepared to handle. As software as a service (SAAS) models continue to grow, the home health industry has seen the emergence of software vendors that provided web and cloud based hosted software solutions. Axxess is a good example of an organization that has emerged as a leader in the web and cloud based home health software space. Other web based solutions include CareAnyware, HealthcareFirst, Kinnser, Homecare Homebase and others.

The home health industry lends itself very naturally to the internet based software solutions because home health professionals works in a distributed manner in patient homes unlike traditional health care settings like hospitals and other skilled nursing facilities. Home health professionals are able to use home health software solutions on their laptops, tablets, phones and other computing devices at the point of care.

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